Who would have thought in March this year that the next 6 months would change how the Community and Community Transport in particular would need to operate for the foreseeable future.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our clients and their carers who have suffered illness and loss during this ongoing crisis.

We at Shencare are doing our best to be here for all of our service users and we are pleased that some community groups are starting to organise returns to activities.

It is fair to say that, without the Government’s Furlough Scheme, we would not have the resouces that we have been able to retain. To those members of the driving force that have left us we say a heartfelt”thank you” for the time that you have helped our vulnerable clients to access their services and, therefore, minimise their social exclusion and that of their carers.

We believe that we are at the heart of the local community and never before has the maxim ” use it or lose it” been more appropriate.

We look forward to hearing from groups and individuals who would benefit from our help.

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