Volunteering with Shencare

Our volunteers give their time freely to Shencare and, in return, receive recognition and training to help them participate in the whole operation.


Opportunities with Shencare generally consist of driving Shencare’s accessible minibuses and acting as a care assistant, offering support to our passengers.


If you are interested in volunteering with Shencare, get in touch to see what we can offer each other. Contact us via our contact page.

Partnerships to help people into work

Shencare is currently working with many other partners on programmes designed to help people into work.


These programmes are tailored to assist people from all cultural groups within the city, taking account of their previous good character, religious belief, sexual orientation, race, gender, age or disability.


Shencare has supported people with alcohol-related problems, ex-offenders and people with mental health problems by giving them the opportunity to mix with our volunteers and gain an understanding of the work that we do in the community. Shencare has been complimented by BVSC for its success in supporting the candidates and helping some to gain paid employment.

Shencare – Paul’s Story

When Shencare advertised for a volunteer to help them maintain our fleet, we struggled to find someone suitable. So, when we were approached by employment resource company Advance, and asked to consider providing a work placement for Paul, we were keen to give him an opportunity. Paul has a disability and was receiving support from Advance to find work, through the Government’s Work Choice programme.


Shencare provides transport for elderly people and patients from the local hospital, so it is essential our minibuses are kept clean to ensure passengers don’t pick up infections. Paul had a meticulous approach to cleaning, and the drivers all agreed that their minibuses had never looked cleaner!


Everyone at Shencare was so pleased with Paul’s work, that we didn’t hesitate in offering him a permanent position and in 2016 it was a pleasure to further appoint Paul as our Operations Assistant. Post Covid-19 Paul is still with us.

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